The advantages of owning a home with a walkout basement

A couple of decades ago, a home’s basement was practically an afterthought. A dimly lit place to do the laundry, store all the “stuff” you’ll probably never use again, maybe a play area for the kids… if they weren’t too scared to descend those creaky, unfinished wooden stairs.

Then, suddenly, a light went on. Homeowners started realizing they could do more with the space below and added their own, unique finishing touches. A billiard room. A man cave. A nanny suite. A home office. Whatever a family desired could be integrated into a finished basement.

Today, a finished basement is almost essential. Families have come to realize how much they need that extra space for all the ways they live, work and play at home. Which makes a home with a walkout basement, such as in the Homes of St. Gaspar community, such a valuable find.

What is a walkout basement?

A home with a walkout basement allows to you walk in and out of the basement without using the stairs. Access is possible at grade level, usually from the backyard. Thanks to this spectacular design element, a walkout basement allows you to enjoy full-size windows on at least one wall, providing far greater natural light than the traditional basement design. This flow of light allows the space to feel bright, airy and extremely livable – similar to the main level of your home.

What are the benefits of a walkout basement?

There are many benefits to owning a home with a walkout basement:

Greater versatility

A walkout basement truly is an open canvas, with its use determined by what your family needs the most. Does Mom or Dad work from home? A walkout basement is the perfect location for a home office, providing privacy and separation while feeling welcoming and cozy. Do you have young children? A walkout basement lets your kids’ playtime flow effortlessly from outside to inside, and back out again, with minimal mess and disruption.

Extra living space

Do you have an older child or an elderly parent living with you? A walkout basement makes an ideal separate apartment. Given that it has a private entrance, that individual has the freedom to come and go as they please without disturbing the rest of the family. You can also utilize the basement as a rental apartment to help supplement your income or pay down your mortgage faster.

Higher resale value

Whatever you do with your walkout basement, one thing is certain – your home will be in higher demand when it comes time to sell. That’s because, as a finished and livable space, your walkout basement can be calculated into your home’s total square footage. Many buyers also appreciate that they can utilize the space as a separate apartment that they can rent, and will factor this additional income opportunity into their offer price.

Interested in learning more?

The Homes of St. Gaspar community in Emery Village at Steeles and Islington features exquisite semi-detached homes with luxuriously finished walkout basements, and is currently being offered by Luxor Realty.

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