Ultimate list of to do in June to get your home and life sorted.

JUNE – THE TIME OF YEAR WHEN…. We are in the midst of warmer days and lighter evenings. Summer is well and truly in the air, and the school summer holidays are only a few weeks away – What’s not to love about this month! This month’s home maintenance to-do list includes cleaning chores—from grills and ceiling fans to dryer vents and removing mold—along with simple air conditioner maintenance and getting your sprinkler system ready for the hot weather ahead. To-Do #1: Replace Air Conditioner Filter The filter on your central cooling system needs to be replaced every one to three months, depending on how dirty it is, so the unit will work efficiently. To-Do #2: Clean Grill Grates It’s important to clean your grill before cooking on it for the first time each year, as well as regularly during the outdoor cooking season. To-Do #3: Remove Mold and Mildew The first step to preventing mold and mildew on the outside of your home, is to make sure you keep all shrubs and trees pruned back away from the house. To-Do #4: Air Conditioner Maintenance Algae, mold, and mildew can build up inside your air conditioner condensation drain line, causing it to clog and water to back up inside the air handler unit. To-Do #5: Check and Adjust Lawn Sprinklers It’s a good idea to do a little preventative maintenance and checking for leaks each year when using your lawn sprinkler system for the first time. To-Do #6: Eliminate Standing Water Check for puddles and regularly empty landscape statuary and any toys that fill with water. This will help prevent mosquitos. To-Do #7: HVAC inspection If you haven’t already, it’s time to have your air-conditioning system professionally inspected. HVAC companies are essential workers and most are well-versed in safety precautions and social distancing at this point.