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Since 1998, Luxor Realty has gone further and aimed higher for their home-selling clients across the GTA. We dig deeper to pinpoint the aspired value of your home. Then we combine this valuation with our insight into today’s Toronto real estate market conditions to maximize your final return.


Every home has its own unique story. We work with you to tell that story in a way that resonates with qualified buyers and investors. Through decades of experience in Toronto real estate, we leverage our unique market insights to accurately target the demographics of your potential buyers.


We are deeply dedicated to your success. As real estate negotiation experts, we craft a detailed plan going in to any negotiation and adjust our negotiation style when necessary to achieve the optimum result for our clients.


We appreciate that selling a home is a major life event. Our desire is to take the uncertainty out of the equation. After all, as sellers – you’re in the driver’s seat. We collaborate with you to set goals and expectations, and provide you with a life-changing outcome.


We are Toronto’s premier real estate marketing experts. From open house events to a full spectrum of print and digital marketing tactics, we employ a diversified approach that maximizes our advertising outreach and attracts the highest number of buyers to your home.

Tailored Real Estate Marketing
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With over two decades of experience in selling homes, we have developed a portfolio of successful sales tools to help your property get maximum exposure.

MLS Listing

Partner Websites 

Real Estate Signage

Social Media Ads

Broker Network

Email Campaign to our Database

Ethnic Publications 

Direct Mailers

Open House

Professional Video & Photography

Property Staging

Property Brochure


Luxor Realty Sales Insights

What is my house worth?

In assessing the true value of your home, we perform a search of comparable properties recently sold in your area. We then combine this intelligence with our understanding of today’s market trends and your home’s unique, standout features. We also take into consideration a variety of other factors such as micro-location and your home’s overall condition to determine an accurate assessment of the value of your home.

Does Luxor Realty present a marketing plan to sell my home?

Luxor Realty’s tailored real estate marketing approach is one of the complimentary services we provide to help your home stand out. Our objective is to expose your home to the highest number of targeted buyers, both locally and internationally to our real estate investor network. We typically incorporate a variety of successful approaches into our robust marketing plan, both traditional and digital, to portray the benefits of our home in the best light possible.

After my property is listed, how will you keep me informed about the progress?

As part of our white glove service, we are committed to keeping your updated on any sales intelligence throughout the listing period. This communication can happen by phone, email, text… whatever you desire. These updates can include property showings, expressions of interest, offer submissions and more. Alternatively, if you prefer a more “hands off” approach, we will gladly just keep you apprised on all the major events while your home is on the market.

How long will it take to sell my property?

While the process of selling a home is actually quite complex, at Luxor Realty we have developed a set of tools that enable the sales process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. That said, the real estate market is an ever-changing field with an extremely broad range of variables and market influences. Location, valuation, list price, market stances, buyer interest and timing all play a role in how long it takes to sell any given property.

What can I do to help get my house ready for sale?

By helping get your house ready for sale, you can make a significant difference in your home’s valuation and final price. Examples of the way you can get involved include eliminating clutter, fixing anything that’s broken and finding ways to let as much natural light fill your rooms as possible. If you’d like to take it one step further, additional ways you can help include painting your walls in whites and neutral colours, and renovate anything outdated. Every one of these approaches can involve little cost to you, while fetching an incrementally higher final price.

Are Luxor Realty agents experienced in negotiating?

Of all the ways Luxor Realty adds value when you sell your home, a successful negotiation is where an experienced Luxor real estate agent makes the biggest difference. Our goal is to aim high and expect the best outcome; we approach every negotiation as optimists, based on the understanding that if we as a team expect more, we’ll get more. Naturally, before we enter into any negotiation we start with a plan, and adjust that plan when necessary by working with the other party to get you the best sold price.

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